Friday, October 31, 2008

funny how time flies...

So I ran into someone yesterday and she asked how my blog was.....well....should I be honest?

No good.

Sometimes I find it discouraging to type away, post, photo shop and put effort into something that only has one reader. Then I think, one reader who may not know anything about Celiac disease may be enough.

My ego is still adjusting.

So I am planning to blog more. To keep in tune and in touch with the new faves.

Thanks Millstream Market for the kick in the pants.


mbb said...

I can't imagine you don't have more than one reader!

luccy said...

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Lynn Barry said...

Hey Meesh!
I hear ya. I was feeling like it was a waste of time and then people wrote to me and said they read they just don't comment...SO any ways...I understand and you have to do what you have to do and it seems your life is full...overflowing and DAMN whatever you do is a win win...HUGS and LOVE